How Does Ozempic Cause Weight Loss?

Now, you matt be thinking, how does ozempic help you lose weight? let's get into the topic and discuss how Ozempic actually works.

Tayyaba Hassan
July 03, 2023

So, have you heard of this Ozempic weight loss drug? (If not, then read out previous detailed post about Ozempic) It is now being highly promoted as a treatment for type 2 diabetes and a drug for weight loss. You may have seen some news stories or controversies about it.

Elon Musk tweeted about the drug, which was also in short supply worldwide and has been approved to help teenagers lose weight in the US. In March 2023, Jimmy Kimmel even cracked a joke about ozempic during the Oscars!

But here's the question, how much should we rely on drugs like Ozempic? Can we replace them with food as medicine? Let's Discuss more

What is Ozempic, and What Does Ozempic Do?

Ozempic injection’s main ingredient is semaglutide, which makes you feel satisfied or full, and helps reduce your appetite. That is why weight loss can be effective.

Semaglutide also helps the pancreas produce insulin, which is essential for managing type 2 diabetes. Insulin helps move glucose or blood sugar from food into our cells so we can use it as energy.

Semaglutide works like a hormone called GLP-1, which is usually produced by our bodies when we eat and sense nutrients. GLP-1 is like a signal that tells our body, "Hey, we've had some food! Let's get ready to use it for energy."

GLP-1 also affects your brain's control center, which regulates appetite and certain hunger hormones. Semaglutide works the same way and helps our bodies react to the food we eat and use that for energy efficiently.

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Ozempic works as a stimulatant?

The answer is no. Unlike other weight loss drugs, it doesn't act as a stimulant, such as phentermine. Ozempic works differently to bring about weight loss.

How long does it take to lose weight on ozempic?

It usually takes a few months to reach your target because the higher dose can gradually increase the risk of potential ozempic side effects.

At the same time, you will start to lose some weight, but your weight loss may vary depending on how much Ozempic you take.

How quickly does Ozempic work?

For patients with type 2 diabetes, the starting Ozempic dosage is 0.25 mg once weekly for four weeks. This initial dose usually has little effect on blood glucose or weight; Its purpose is to help your body adapt to the drug. After the initial period, the dose is increased to 0.5 mg once weekly.

In clinical trials, people taking 0.5 mg of Ozempic injection lost about 8 pounds in 30 weeks. There may need to be more than this dose for some individuals to control blood glucose adequately. In such cases, the dose may be increased to 2 mg once weekly over four weeks.

What is the highest dose of Ozempic?

High doses generally lead to significant ozempic weight loss and improved blood glucose control. Throughout the 40-week study, those who received the 1 mg of Ozempic lost an average of 13 pounds, compared with 15 pounds with 2 mg.

Is wegovy the same as Ozempic?

If we compare Ozempic vs. Wegovy, Wegovy has a higher target dose, i.e., 2.4 mg once a week. In the clinical trial, people who are taking Wegovy lost 10% of their initial body weight in the first 20 weeks (approximately 5 months) of treatment. They saw an additional 8% weight loss over the next 48 weeks (closer to 11 months).

Remember, it is essential to note that medications such as Ozempic and Wegovy are most effective when combined with lifestyle changes such as adopting a healthy diet and adding regular exercise.

How long can you stay on Ozempic?

Ozempic is specifically approved for treating type 2 diabetes, a chronic condition. Thus, Ozempic usually needs to be taken over a longer period to maintain blood glucose control. Additionally, continuing Ozempic treatment is often necessary to keep the beneficial effects related to heart health.

For long-term weight management, Wegovy is suggested for long-term use as well. As long as you continue the treatment, you should be able to lose weight. However, if you stop taking Wegovy, you may gain weight back, and you may regain most or all of the weight you lost.

Similarly, suppose you are prescribed Ozempic off-label for ozempic weight loss without diabetes. In that case, you will likely regain weight after discontinuing the ozempic weight loss drug.

Is Ozempic safe for weight loss?

Technically, Ozempic is not prescribed for weight loss. However, it is considered safe and effective in treating type 2 diabetes, and ozempic weight loss can be a beneficial side effect of its use.

On the other hand, if you really want to lose weight, Wegovy has been specifically studied and shown to be safe and effective for weight loss. It is approved for use in adults and children 12 years and older who meet specific body mass index BMI criteria.

Ozempic and Wegovy carry similar risks, including intestinal inflammation (intestinal inflammation), gallbladder disease, and kidney damage.

Has anyone got thyroid cancer from ozempic?

Animal studies have revealed a possible increased risk of thyroid cell tumors with these drugs. However, this risk has not yet been confirmed in humans, so it is suggested if you have a personal or family history of thyroid for specific types, you should not take Ozempic pen.