Behind the Scenes: How We Make Sure Our Info is Spot-On

At GetHealthyBenefits, we ensure that you get relevant information about your health that you can trust. And now, what shall we do? We will let the cat out of the bag regarding our editorial process, one that holds us together. Our people at GetHealthyBenefits came up with this process, and you could say that it is the ultimate superhero among all that we do. How about that matter? How do we make sure everything we release is as good as it should be? Well, we've got these major ways in our writing and Editorial Process:

Maintaining Trust

We're all about building trust. We will make it real. There is no doubt that health information search is a big puzzle. We want to provide you with authentic, easily understandable, evidence-based info. No more confusion or guesswork. It should be intelligible and accessible to all people. What's more, we're always understanding, encouraging, and ready to get going towards a healthier life. Our articles discuss everything, not just physical health but the whole picture, including your lifestyle. It is called 'whole person health'; yes, we are open-minded. Many things are discussed from different viewpoints, and that's how you get the big picture. Yeah, everyone's journey is different. So that's why we are for inclusiveness and compassion.

High Journalistic Standards

No compromise when it comes to quality. When you are at GetHealthyBenefits, we take our work seriously because you want the truth regarding your health and well-being. High standards have been set to ensure you receive the top information. Our health experts provide you with the latest news and educational information, are not biased, are straight to the point, and are very helpful. However, when we tell each other stories, we involve each other's different points of view, empathy and respect. Here's the lowdown on how we make sure our info is top-notch: We pick our team carefully: Our crew knows their stuff. We select the best experts and pass a message to them on how to locate the best information. On-going training, we believe in it. Medical experts check our work: A team of healthcare experts re-checks everything we've got. These quality people are at the top of their game and have real-life experiences. Brands we talk about are legit: We take our inquiry right into the depth of whatever brands we refer to. We evaluate the health practices they claim to implement for safety and ensure they do not lie to you. Drug info is in good hands: Our team of medical editors and experts deals with the tricky part of medicines. They understand how to dissect in order to make it understandable. The news team stays in the loop: We have our news crew constantly updated with current medical news. So you're always up-to-date, they dig into the latest research. We check, double-check, and triple-check: Our team examines everything before going live. We write it in a clear manner that cuts straight to the point and appeals to all readers.

Accuracy, Empathy, and Inclusion

At GetHealthyBenefits, we listen and pay attention to get information right for all of us. To do so, we use our "writing rulebook", as it were, a style guide, being clear, friendly, and factual. Our voice is warm and friendly yet bold and ahead of its time. Let us be transparent here. As for words, we are always respectful and use language that accommodates everyone. We like using neutral language that tells a story without being opinionated. It enables us to steer clear of stereotyping and other biases. We will be visiting people in the community now and then and observing how we can best use the language trends. Everyone's health journey is unique and different; thus, we are fine with any words you may use to share your own story. All our language is about making it easier for you. Our words are with us on this journey.

Continuous Monitoring and Updating

Health info changes a lot, right? We don't just hit publish and be done with it. At GetHealthyBenefits, we're on it! Our team of experts keeps everything up-to-date. You'll see dates on our posts—they show the journey of each piece. We do regular checks, yearly brand reviews, daily news updates, and quick fixes thanks to your feedback. Our goal? Fresh and reliable health info, always!

Stay tuned!

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